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foster_pupSQ Rescue provides food, crate(s) or bedding and other essentials like medicines or heartworm and flea prevention. The responsibility of becoming a foster home for one of our rescues does come with expectations. You will be required to bring the rescue to PetSmart on our “pet-adoption” days. Our adoption days usually run from 12 noon until 4:00 p.m on most Saturdays and very infrequently on Sundays. If the rescue does not get adopted you will need to pick-up the rescue from PetSmart. Once you have been approved to be a foster parent, and you have decided that you are unable to continue your volunteer fostering, If at any time the foster is not working out, SQ Rescue will be happy to make arrangements to take him/her back.If you wish to become a foster Parent, please submit the online foster application below.
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